About Us

Our strategic vision is to tackle all the factors which may increase the risk of suicide and self-harm in our communities. We believe that suicide prevention is most effective when it is addressed across the life course and when combined as part of wider works addressing the social and wider determinants of health and wellbeing. NEL’s plan and activities is targeted towards reducing suicide and self- harm amongst the population of NEL in line with the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England, the NHS Long Term Plan, NEL Operating plan ambitions and Thrive London.

What Our Approach?

Our approach across the NEL region for suicide prevention has been working across sectors at both local and national level. We will continue working with our Mental Health Trusts to achieve a ‘zero suicide’ in inpatient services in line with the Mayor of London backed Thrive LDN campaign.


We believe empowering our workforce with the competencies to have conversations and provide timely intervention is key. We are delighted with support from our local Primary and Community Care Training Hubs be able to provide this multi-agency training offer with thanks to our collaborative partnership across North East London