Suicide Prevention Week 2022 Webinar Series: Creating Hope Through Action - September 2022

Every year organisations and communities around the world come together to raise awareness of how we can create a world where fewer people die by suicide.

This year the North East London (NEL) Suicide prevention Group hosted number of webinars designed to inform and raise awareness about suicide and self-harm. The webinar topics build on the year-round conversation about prevention and align with the NEL suicide prevention work.  This year’s theme was “Creating Hope Through Action”

Suicide: From Risk to Safety

This session will the problems with risk assessments, how people are excluded 

from care, and what is the future for helping suicidal patients stay safe.

Suicide and Autism

This workshop will explore experiences of supporting service users who are 

autistic and feeling suicidal – how can clinicians, family and public help.

Suicide and Hope “A lived experience”

Stigma derives power from the unspeakable, Talking about suicide has often engendered fear in other with the perception of shame that it carries.  Hope is often found in the unlikeliest places.  Betsy will share her story on suicide the immediate impact it had and the ripple effect on her and family.