Supporting those bereaved through suicide

Being bereaved by suicide has been described as ‘grief with the volume turned up’.  Much of what the bereaved feel may be the same as when the person had died suddenly or after a long illness.  Yet people say a suicide seems to intensify the normal responses to loss.  For example, they may feel a sharper guilt over their own actions, a more bitter blame towards someone else who they feel could have prevented the suicide, stronger anger at the person who died or a deeper despair that someone close to them has died this way.

This half day workshop aims to improve knowledge, skills and understanding in supporting those bereaved through suicide. The workshop is delivered in partnership with Rosedale Funerals. Research shows that in the absence of appropriate support, those who have been bereaved through suicide can often be more vulnerable to go on to experience thoughts of suicide or die by suicide themselves.

Aims of the training will be:

• For delegates to feel confident supporting those who have been bereaved through Suicide

• To be able to use appropriate language.

• Understand what may and may not be helpful.

• Be familiar and confident using The Help Is at Hand book.

• Be able to signpost to other organisations who offer specialist support if required.


Who can attend?

Anybody within public sector who wishes to develop skills. You will be required to provide a postal address for learning materials to be sent to you


How will the training be delivered?

All sessions are delivered virtually. Delivery format will be a mixed of lecture format and interactivity.

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